With the ever-increasing pollution, there is a need to take extra care of the skin. Excess dirt damages the skin. Wrinkles, ageing and fine lines are some visible effects of pollution on the skin.

A large number of free radicals attach to the surface of the skin. It is necessary to clear these free radicals regularly, otherwise, dead skin accumulates and the skin looks dull. A good quality anti-aging face wash can easily wipe the particles of dirt.

The anti-aging face wash has vitamin-C in it. Vitamin C provides powerful anti-oxidants to the skin and can fight free radicals and other skin aging factors.

It is advisable to select the best quality anti-aging face wash.  A low-quality face wash can be harsh on the skin. It can remove the natural oil of the skin and can unbalance the pH level of the skin.

anti aging face wash cleansers

Best Anti-aging face wash and cleansers:

ZELEN life cleanser

This cleanser gives a deep cleansing to the skin. It cleans the skin powerfully and is suitable for all types of skin. It works for dry, normal, and oily skin. Even for sensitive skin, it is very good. It has various ingredients. It consists of Vitamin-C, jojoba, aloe vera, and sunflower, and various essential oils. Sunflower can protect the skin from fine lines.

It clears clogged pores and removes all sort of impurities. The cleanser has moisturizing properties. It can control pimples and acne as it comes with anti-bacterial properties. This helps in controlling acne. This face wash has anti-aging properties that can make our skin look even.

It is a natural product. Most of the ingredients are obtained from plants. There are no Parabens and sulfates. It is free from synthetic fragrances.

If the skin is prone to infections, then the use of this cleanser can protect the skin from any kind of infection and inflammation. Doctors recommend using it twice a day.


Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Face Wash (Cleansing Gel)

This face wash comes with two exfoliating acids that can fight fine lines and wrinkles. It is better to avoid this cleansing gel for very sensitive skin due to the presence of powerful exfoliating acids. But it is best for dry, oily, and combination skin. It gives a bright look to the face by cleaning all the impurities.

It contains glycolic and salicylic acid. They can fight acne problems and can also remove dead skin from the face. Initially, is advisable to use it once a day only. The gel has some botanical extracts and natural fruit extracts also. It has lime and grapefruit contents. This can improve the texture of the skin.


Juice Beauty Stem Cellular 2-in-1 Cleanser

This face wash is effective in fighting the signs of aging. With age, the skin loses its moisture. To get that youthful look, it is imperative to lock the moisture and bring a glow to the skin. This cleanser consists of various ingredients that work as anti-aging components.

It has a single acid exfoliator which has a powerful anti-oxidant. It consists of glycerine and algae. Both of them can lock moisture of the skin. This happens without any kind of suffocation to the skin.

Vitamin E is an essential element for young-looking skin. It consists of vitamin E that makes the skin soft and smooth. It has jojoba, grape seed, and aloe vera extracts. Aloe vera is the best ingredient for the skin.

For freshness of the skin, it consists of various anti-oxidants. There is a large number of vitamins present in it. If the skin is prone to allergy and is extremely sensitive then it is better to consult the dermatologist before using it.

SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

This face wash contains four kinds of acids. It results in effective and strong exfoliation. It consists of jojoba extracts that can make the effect of four strong acids mild. In the case of open pores, it is effective.

Though it comes with strong acids. It makes the skin feel fresh and smooth. It shows quick results. The texture of the skin improves fast. After using it for a few days, the skin experiences some positive changes. It can make the skin sun-sensitive. For over-sensitive skin, it might cause rashes.

It is a balanced anti-aging cleanser. It keeps the skin hydrated and tries to retain moisture.


Glo Skin Beauty Phyto-Active Cream Cleanser

This facial cleanser does not strip the skin. It can reverse the signs of aging by protecting the skin from fine lines and wrinkles. It has papaya extracts which is a very good anti-oxidant. It has hyaluronic acid which can fight signs of aging. Vitamin C is also found in it that can refresh the skin.

This acid is naturally found in the body but with age, it becomes deficient in the body. It has plant stem cells that can go deep into the skin and can produce collagen. Collagen can treat various skin-related complications. It is the main protein that is found in the skin.

It can make the skin firm, soft and smooth. It is a cruelty-free face wash.

Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare Purify – Enzyme Cleanser

This is the best facial cleanser for aging skin. Mostly after the age of 35, skin experiences signs of aging and it becomes imperative to control it. Otherwise, the skin looks dull and monotonous and it is covered with wrinkles and fine lines. The skin loses its firmness. This cleanser has the ability to remove all kinds of impurities from the skin.

It makes the skin free from dead skin and excess oil, refreshes the skin and makes it youthful and radiant. It has lemon oil that can act as an astringent and can tone the skin. Another important ingredient is grapefruit oil. It is excellent for the skin as it can absorb excess oil and can unclog the pores.

It is advisable to select the anti-aging facial cleanser as per the texture of the skin. In case of over-sensitive skin, it is better to consult a dermatologist while making a choice.