Huda Kattan

Based in Dubai, Huda Kattan is known as the top most influential beauty blogger on Instagram, and she has amassed a following of 22 million followers on Instagram. Huda started her career as a beauty blogger, and she has become a beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur. She owns her beauty brand called Huda Beauty, and the brand has put out makeup and eye lashes, which is basically everyone’s favorite.

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Kylie Jenner

You might know Kylie Jenner as a reality show star; however, the beauty mogul has created her own makeup line following the speculation of her lip fillers, which has led her to become of the most followed beauty influencer on Instagram. A majority of the audience members would disagree on Kylie being a beauty influencer but, the fact cannot be denied that she has created a business empire by the establishment of Kylie Cosmetics, and the net worth of the brand is estimated to surpass one billion dollars this year.

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Manny MUA

Manny MUA is a YouTube makeup artist and an influencer on Instagram with a following of 6.6 million followers. He is the first male ambassador to represent the makeup brand Maybelline, and he is almost everyone’s favorite makeup blogger.

Jeffree Star

If you love makeup and music simultaneously then, you might also be familiar with Jeffree Star, who is a former singer and song writer, and is the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Following the launch of his velour liquid lipsticks and highlighters, Jeffree has amassed a following of nearly 9.1 million followers on Instagram. Jeffree is known and admired for his outrageously expressive and creative looks on social media, and a lot of people credit him for his creativity and work ethics.

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Tamanna Roashan

Also known as Dress Your Face, Tamanna has amassed a following of 3 million followers on instagram, and the succeeding beauty influencers accredit her as an inspiration. Tam indulges in creative and bold looks, which is prominently inspired by Middle Eastern and Indian makeup looks. As a makeup artist, Tamanna likes to go heavy on the eyes makeup, and the boldness of her makeup looks is admired all over Instagram.

Sarrah Khan aka Cakeyconfessions

If you spend enough time scrolling through the feeds of beauty influencers, you might also know cakeyconfessions, a beauty influencer who is known for her bold and prominent makeup looks. If you are looking for a beauty influencer that is focused on doing bold eye makeup then, you should go and check out her instagram page.

Alina aka @makeupbyalinna

With a following of more than 2.1m followers on Instagram, makeupbyalinna is set to become one of the most followed beauty influencers on IG. The influencer is known for her charismatic style and captivating makeup looks, and she is often recommended by the likes of Huda Kattan and Tamanna Roashan on Instagram..

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If you find yourself wowing over Anastasia Beverly Hills latest highlighter, you should be thanking Amrezy or Amara for it. The beauty influencer invested her vision into the creation of the most gleaming and blinding highlighter on the market. She has also collaborated with ABH Cosmetics to come out with her eye shadow palette. The Instagram starlet has amassed a following of 5.5m followers on the social media platform.

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Isabel Bedoya @itsisabelbedoya

If you find yourself with the makeup skills of the beauty influencers of Instagram, you might have also come across Isabel Bedoya while scrolling on IG. The Columbian beauty guru is admired for her down-to-earth personality, and she creates different looks on a daily basis to appease her following of 2.7 million followers on the social media channel.

Kat Von D

Kat Von D is not only a tattoo artist or the CEO of her makeup brand but, she is also known as one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram. KVD came out with her makeup brand, Kat Von D Beauty, a decade back and now, the brand has become one of the best selling brands at Sephora.

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Tati Westbrooke

Tati is one of the most admirable beauty influencers in the beauty community, and she started off her career on YouTube by reviewing makeup products, demonstrating them for day, and letting her thoughts known on the products.

Farah Dhukai

Instagram is an amazing place where you can come across anyone at any time, and you start finding yourself spending hours on their IG feed. The same goes to Farah Dhukai, the influencer shares homemade remedies and tid-bits with her 6.3m followers, and she has come out with everyone’s favorite beauty elixir, Farsali Oil, which adds a radiant look to your skin and makeup.

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Mona Kattan

Monica Kattan aka Mona Kattan, is Hudabeauty’s baby sister, and she is also one of the top Instagram beauty influencers. Before Hudabeauty became a popular brand among beauty maniacs, Huda and Mona used to blog makeup tips and techniques to enlighten their followers, and their teachings are widely practiced and implemented by their followers.

Jackie Aina

If you have been of the beauty gurus for a long time now, you might know Jackie Aina for her contributions to the beauty community. The black beauty influencer takes immense pride in her skin color, and she is making efforts to voice on her opinions on the products which cater to women of color.

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You may know Rihanna as the rowdy queen of music but, since the introduction of her makeup line last year, Fenty Beauty, Rihanna has become everyone’s beauty influencer on Instagram. She has broken the barriers and stereotypes when it comes to making foundations for all skin colors, and she is on her way to build a makeup empire.

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Jackie Wyers

A YouTube beauty guru Jackie Wyers has paved her way to become one of the top beauty bloggers on Instagram, and she has created mesmerizing looks over the years, which has stunned her large base of followers. Jackie is known for recreating famous looks and her girly style, if you want to learn more about her, you should go and check her page on Instagram.

Sadia Slay

Sadia Slay is one of the top influential beauty bloggers on Instagram, and she has created looks which has been reposted and shared by the likes of Huda Kattan. She is experimental and trendy with her looks, and she goes beyond the experimental phase to bring the best content to her profile.

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Mari Maria Makeup

The freckled-beauty Mari is known for using techniques to cover her natural freckles, and she has amassed a following of 1m followers on Instagram. If you have freckled skin, and you want to learn how to cover it, you should definitely check her page.

Rahman Beauty

The beautiful Canadian-Calgarian beauty influencer, Maryam Rahman, is known for putting out content on makeup and makeup techniques. Her contribution to the beauty community has recently acquired her the position of a brand ambassador of L’Oreal.

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Kim Kardashian West

Kim K is indeed the OG beauty influencer, and she has inspired her followers and fan to recreate the looks over the years. Along her with sister Kylie Jenner, Kim has also introduced her line of makeup and she has put out makeup products, which are anyone’s and everyone’s favorite product for contouring and highlighting.

CC Clarke

Finding new lip products could be exciting and seeing them swatched on perfectly plummed lips could even be more exciting. CC Clarke, an Instagram influencer, built her following on doing lip swatches on her succulent lips, and now she is one of the top followed influencer on Instagram with a following of 1.1 million followers.

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Goar Avetisyan

A Russian beauty blogger , Goar Avestisyan, has acquired a following of 4.9 million followers on IG, and she is known for putting out transformational videos, showing the power of makeup to her followers.

Nadjma Official

Nadjma Official is often recommended by Huda Kattan, and the beauty influencer is known for putting out short video clips on her Instagram feed.

James Charles

James Charles has dominated the world of YouTube and Instagram since he became a CoverGirl Boy, and he is known for putting out insanely creative looks. If you are looking for inspiration for Halloween makeup, you should definitely stop by his IG profile.