As health conscious beings we would never eat or drink something that has passed expiration, so why don’t we think the same with products we put on our face? Many women are ignorant to the fact that using makeup and skincare past its best can have hugely damaging effects to our skin and eye health.

The beauty experts over at Ellipse UK have rounded up 5 products you should never use past expiration, so if you’re asking yourself when does makeup expire, before you put on that dodgy mascara you’ve owned for over a year now, give this post a read and it may make you consider having a beauty clear-out.

1. Mascara

Believe it or not, mascara has a shelf life of just 6 months, and with so many of us regularly buying new mascaras to try out and then shoving them in a drawer for 5 months before pulling them out again, this means we’re using them past their best.

It’s pretty easy to tell if your mascara has expired, the formula will have gone dry and when applied it will feel sticky and clumpy on the eyes. Your eye area is extremely delicate and can pick up infections easily, using an old mascara which has excessive bacteria can irritate the area and make you more prone to infection- not really worth it, hey girls?

2. Eyeliner

Although eyeliner tends to last a little longer than mascara, it is still applied very closely to the opening of the eye, so using one past its best can run the risk of germ contamination. The best way to tell if your eyeliner has expired is if it is not applying well to the skin or seeming dry or coarse.

3. Foundation

Being applied directly onto your skin on a daily basis for a long period of time means using a foundation past its best can run the risk of clogging your pores, resulting in break outs. The formula of a Liquid foundation past its expiration tends to separate after a long period of time and when applied may not sit right on the skin or the shading may be slightly off, it could also cause irritation or infection if you suffer with very sensitive skin.

4. Lipstick

You will definitely know when it’s time to toss the lippy, the texture will feel dry, the colour may have changed slightly and it could cause your lips to crack or promote infection. Doesn’t really seem worth hanging on to that 2-year-old fuchsia shade now, does it?

5. Moisturisers

Moisturisers should be thrown out after one year of use, yet with so many of us obsessed with trying the latest cult product, this means we tend to flit from one to the next. With skincare, it’s much more important to be aware of how old the product is, as you are actively applying it to better your skin health, so there wouldn’t be much point in using an out of date one. Also if your daily moisturiser has SPF in it, this will also diminish once it’s past its best leaving your skin vulnerable to the harsh sun rays.