Wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, tired eyes and open pores are some of the most common signs of ageing, and are becoming more common amongst young people.

Recent studies show air pollution, exposure to the sun, and a stressful lifestyle are ageing the complexions of the average city dwelling young person. Making someone in their thirties look at least ten years older.

If you lead a busy lifestyle and are prone to late nights and stressful days, but want to maintain a youthful appearance, identify and tackle the most common signs of premature ageing.

Reduce Age Spots

Also known as liver spots, age spots are flat dark spots normally found on the face and shoulders. This common sign of ageing skin affects most people over the age of fifty, but can also be a problem for sun loving young people. If sun bathing all day is your idea of heaven, make sure you wear a high factor of sun screen to reduce skin damage, and try to limit the amount of time spent in direct sunlight. Skin care products like this anti age spot day cream from Superdrug, also protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and reduce the visibility of age spots.

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Bright Eyes

Dark shadows under the eyes will make you look like you’ve either spent a few too many nights binge watching Netflix, or you are prematurely ageing. Nobody wants to look older than they are which is why it is important to make sure a stressful and exhausting lifestyle isn’t darkening the natural sparkle in your eyes. Working long hours is unfortunately an unavoidable part of modern life. So for those who live tiring lives, invest in an intensive eye repair serum from Elizabeth Arden and give your eyes the extra care they deserve.

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Minimize Pores

The secret to fresh and youthful looking skin is a smooth and even complexion. Aging causes pores in our skin to become more visible leading to a rougher complexion. But it’s not only old people who experience overly exposed pores. Stress, caffeine, smoking and an unhealthy diet will lead to oily skin, which is another common cause of enlarged pores that make the skin look uneven and old. When we age, elastin production, sebaceous gland, and cell renewal activity decreases, making the appearance of pores more visible. Make up can clog your pores and increase the problem. But, Benefit has recently launched a new face make up that minimizes pores, and contributes to younger looking skin. Because let’s face it, ageing is inevitable, but nobody wants to look old before their time.

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